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BiotechTuesday Eligibility Guidelines
You are eligible if you:
  • Work in a life science/healthcare for-profit (including biotech/pharma, medical devices/instrumentation, contract research, and diagnostics in one of the following positions:
    • Management (Manager and above)
    • Research Scientist/Clinician.
    • Business Development/Tech Transfer
  • Conduct research or practice medicine in an Academic Institution (university/hospital). If in research, must have completed graduate degree.
  • Work at a Venture Capital firm, Investment Bank, or other financial institution that invests directly in public or private biotech companies.
  • Work at Principal/Partner level or above at service firm (at least 5 fulltime employees) with a life sciences clientele. Service firms includes law, recruiting, real estate, PR, consulting, and accounting firms.
  • Work at a firm (at least 5 fulltime employees) selling products primarily to life sciences clientele. Product includes instrumentation, software/IT, and reagents.
  • Cover biotechnology in major media.
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