Innovation Competition (Boston, MA)

Innovation Award

Establish your company as a leader in sponsoring innovation by contributing an Innovation Award to the Innovative 'Ideas' competition.  Pledge either cash or in-kind products or services for your award.  You can either have your award go to a pitch you identify in a specific area or have the award go to the winner of the judging panel (cash or generic business services preferred).  

  1. Offer an award (minimum suggested value $5000) to a selected pitch in the Innovative 'Ideas" competition.
  2. A company logo and description of the company or service connected to the award on the website.
  3. Participate in selection process for choosing the winning pitch for your award.
Networking Sponsorship

Thnis sponsorship offers presence at the event for those companies seeking to engage with event attendees.  We have an Early Bird Special of $1500 for this sponsorship until October 20, 2013.

  1. Recognition through branding and signage provided by the sponsor
  2. Table at the event for promotional material provided by the sponsor
  3. Logo on the website 
Price: $ 1500
Innovation Sponsorship

This sponsorship package is ideal for companies with a leading edge opportunity to pitch in our Innovative Product or Service Competition and a desire to have presence at the event.

  1. Table at the event for promotional material provided by the sponsor
  2. Logo on website and event invitation emails
  3. One Innovative Product or Service Pitch (see here for details), presented at
  4. Full recognition through branding and signage provided by the sponsor 
Game Changer Sponsorship

This premier sponsorship package offers the greatest opportunity to engage the BiotechTuesday community with both icompany innovation and an event presence,

  1. One dedicated email sent through to the event RSVP list of biotech professionals prior or post event  
  2. Logo on the event page and on event invitation emails.
  3. Table at the event for promotional material provided by the sponsor.
  4. One Innovation Award Sponsorship (see here for details)
  5. One Pitch for our Innovative Products and Services Competition (see here for details)
  6. Full recognition through premier branding
    1. Onsite event branding: Banners, electronic displays, etc. provided by the sponsor
  7. Opportunity to reserve private meeting space at the event


We are happy to discuss a custom sponsorship packages based on the Game Changer Sponsorship.