2016 Innovation Competition (Boston, MA)

Identify common infectious bacteria in bodily fluid samples within 2 min

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QSM Diagnostics, Inc.
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Accurate detection and identification of infectious bacteria cannot be determined in a time frame that is clinically acceptable to physicians who must make critical decisions to treat dangerous infections. Current methods take too long (48 hours) or are too expensive. The clinician cannot detect bacteria at the point of care or at a wound care facility. Undetected infections can rapidly lead to severe illness, amputation, and death, particularly in elderly and immune compromised populations. QSM provides the fastest/lowest-cost diagnostic instrument-sensor method for identifying and monitoring common bacteria in sputum, wound exudate, and urine. The instrument is battery powered and does not use reagents. Results are provided within 2 minutes by detecting electronic signals using the unique communication molecules that each bacterial species produces and excretes. The test is run at the point-of-care and will provide early guidance to doctors treating serious infections. Our initial market is veterinary diagnostics, identifying common infections in companion animals and livestock. Our first human product will identify pathogens in sputum and bronchial lavage samples to improve the standard of care for patients that are suspected of having hospital acquired pneumonia.
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Dr. Edgar Goluch at goluch@qsmdiagnostics.com