2016 Innovation Competition (Boston, MA)

Immune activating antibody-drug conjugate payloads

Concept or business name.
Elevator Pitch
Oncolinx, in conjunction with the National Cancer Institute, has created a targeted cancer therapy that selectively destroys cancer cells without harming normal tissue—thereby avoiding many of the adverse side-effects of chemotherapy such as hair loss, anemia, fatigue, and other side-effects. Oncolinx technology also activates the immune system to begin recognizing and destroying cancer cells all over the body. The platform consists of a potent drug attached to a tumor targeting antibody to form an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) to carry the immune-activating payload exclusively to the site of the tumor. Oncolinx has issued and pending patents on the technology, and is currently partnered with more than 12 leading pharmaceutical companies including Fortune 500 companies including Novartis, Celgene and other leading oncology companies. Working with these companies, Oncolinx is developing targeted cancer therapies for more than 30 distinct cancer indications and aims to enter first-in-human trials on a partnered drug in 2017.
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Please contact Oncolinx at sourav@oncolinx.com.