2016 Innovation Competition (Boston, MA)

Repairing Damaged Organs

Concept or business name.
Regenerative Esophageal Implant
Elevator Pitch
Imagine not being able to ingest food because your esophagus, the organ that provides food to the stomach, is severely damaged. And you have to rely on an external feeding tube just to survive. This is the case for those who suffer from esophageal cancer in which their only treatment option is to undergo a gastric pull surgery, which is a reconstruction of their esophagus with their stomach. However, the stomach is not a great substitute for an esophagus and this creates a very low quality of life as stricture, narrowing of the esophagus occurs, in which patients have to be re-admitted back into the hospital to undergo tube dilations and a physician has to implement a tube down their throat to re-widen their esophagus. Moreover, the 5-year survival rate post-surgery is less than 20% and the 2-year survival rate is less than 40%. Essentially this is a life ending procedure. My name is Derek Dashti and I am the Founder and CSO at D&P Bioinnovations, and we have developed a platform off the shelf implant to regenerate damaged organs within the body, in which our first application is to treat and regenerate a damaged esophagus. Addressing a $10 billion U.S. market for treating severe esophageal malignancies and getting approved to the market by 2020 via an expedited FDA device regulatory pathway. Eliminating the need for the antiquated gastric pull up, and ultimately increasing the quality of life and survival of the patients we aim to treat.
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